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" I bought a red garnet PHI Bead necklace, and it was the best investment in jewelry I have made!! 

 I can feel the energy and the healing that I needed to heal my root chakra.  I also have been using it to do my affirmations to keep me centered and aligned with my highest and best good.  I  definitely recommend these amazing beads to everyone!! "

Yrma W.

" The beads have helped me a lot. They have allowed me to manifest good outcomes and situations. They also have helped me calm down. I look forward to using the beads more often. "

Sebastian W.

“I am glad I have these beads as a tool.

Thank you.”

Miguel L.

 “My wife is shocked that I wanted and am wearing one of these bracelets.  She knows that I do not like to wear any jewelry at all, and don’t even like to wear a wedding ring.  But there is something about these beads that attracted me to them right away, and I wear them any chance I can and I am learning how to do the sequence.” 

Lee W.

“Dorothy, I wanted to get back to you after a few weeks with my PHI beads. As I mentioned, I’ve never used or done anything like this before, but my experience has been more powerful and helpful than I ever expected.

Of course it all started with my attraction to the “silver feather necklace” as it had a familiar, resonate, intention piece. I was also drawn to the necklace for another reason which, at the time, I couldn’t explain. After I had already ordered it, I saw it was garnet, my birthstone. It was if the piece chose me. But the validations and connection didn’t stop there.

Everyday, usually three times a day, I follow Fillipo’s instruction of the simple, yet transformational method of re-orienting me. It’s really that simple, but so powerful.

I state my intention, turn my mind, body, and energy toward it, find the bead, and either restate my intention, or take a powerful, cleansing and focused breath. It’s my favorite time of the day.

To say I now live a magical life would be an understatement. At least 4-5 times a day I’m validated to my intention and direction. It started with Fillipo’s Fibonacci PHI beads. I’m so grateful.

Regardless of one’s faith background I would encourage anyone to use the PHI beads as a tangible way to reorient oneself at the very least, or to make one’s daily intentions manifest in one’s life. Thank you, Dorothy, for introducing me to this wonderful way to change my life, and the lives of others.”

Dan M.

" I've had the beads for a couple months now, and they are one of my absolute favorites. The beads are grounding and they help keep me centered. As a healer, I also feel that they assist me energetically in healing my clients and protect me from absorbing lower energies. Since I am sensitive to energy, I can really feel this difference. I feel very connected to them as they bring balance and strength when I wear them. They are great tools for centering the mind and meditating with them. I can feel a significant difference in my energy when I am wearing and using them. Each is unique in how they can assist you. I am excited to see what else I will experience from them as I continue to use them! "

Clare A.

"I am so blessed to have this magical meditation necklace in my life! I wear it everyday and can feel it’s healing energy as I go about my day; it feels like divine protection. I’ve always had trouble quieting my mind, so I use my necklace, as it has a unique beading sequence that is designed to help with breath and focus. I believe that it has been an integral part of my healing myself mind and body and am so grateful to the beautiful people that created this powerful jewelry!"

Elizabeth M.

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