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PHI Beads™ are based on what is referred to as, the Fibonacci Sequence, The Golden Mean, Phi, and “Nature’s Code.”


The known development of this sequence of numbers goes as far back as India in 200 B.C. however it is known to be used by the Greeks before them, as evidenced by their structures and art, and the Egyptians before them, in the creation of the pyramids, for example.  Its introduction to the Western world is attributed to the 12th Century Italian Mathematician, Fibonacci.

About PHI Beads™

From Ancient Wisdom, Science and Math to Modern Day Psychology, the use of the PHI Beads™ align with Famed Psychologist Dr. Erickson and Psychologist Dr. Michael L. Nichols' work. 

“The number of repetitions necessary to create a breakthrough, alter body chemistry, modify memory, and cross the threshold into new habit formation,” is 26 times, as per Dr. M. L. Nichols in his book, “When Time Doesn’t Heal.”

He continues to say that “There is a point at which change occurs.  There are two ways to achieve threshold.  One is through repetition…. A number of things happen when threshold is traversed, and breakthrough occurs. 

These are, the mind sees things differently, hears things differently, feels things differently, starts thinking differently, and acts differently because there are bioelectrochemical changes in the body.”

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The use of PHI Beads™, has the potential to engage and align many of our senses through the sense of touch and sound,

(if affirmations are spoken out loud), to our emotions, our attention, our breath, and hence our physiological systems.



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Why is PHI so Important?

Rewrite Your MIND with Repetition

The Power in Number Sequences

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