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Suggested Affirmations


I see great opportunities in my career

 I earn a great salary doing the work I love

I am working in the perfect job

I am supported by my co-workers

I am appreciated by my boss

I love my job

I am doing the work I have come to do

My job fulfills me


I am in a mutually beneficial relationship 

My partner loves me as much as I love them

I love myself

I am worthy

I deserve love, success, and happiness

I love my family and friends

My partner is good to me


I am in perfect health

I walk with grace and ease

I get good, sound sleep nightly

I take excellent care of my body

My body supports my lifestyle

I am my perfect weight

I eat foods that support my health goals

Financial Abundance

I easily and effortlessly earn money 

I always have more than enough money

I have enough money to pay my bills & more

 I do good for others with my money

Money comes to me easily and effortlessly

I deserve an excellent salary 

My life is filled with an abundance of all good things

Spirituality/Personal Growth

My spirituality grows deeper every day

God hears my prayers 

I am grateful for the blessings in my life

Every day in every way, my life is better and better and better

I love myself without any conditions

I deserve love, success, and happiness

in all areas of my life

I always attract good things, people, and experiences

I live in faith, trust and knowing that only good comes to me and from me


I love my family

I am at peace with my family members

My friends are like-minded

I am supported by my family and friends

I am grateful for true friendships

My family relationships

grow stronger every day

My friendships are based

on unconditional love


I make time to have fun

I do things I love to do

I am entertained by life

I find joy in more and more moments

I deserve to have fun

Physical Environment

I live in a beautiful space that

supports my needs

My neighbors are loving and supportive

My home is filled with joy

and good vibrations

I deserve a safe environment

I love my Country

I enjoy my home

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