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Thor's Hammer & Gun Metal Bead Necklace

Thor's Hammer & Gun Metal Bead Necklace


Thor's Hammer Stainless Steel Mjolnir Pendant (1.26 X 1.77 in.)


Gunmetal electroplated lava beads with metal bead accents.


Complete Bead Set Approx. 32.5 in.


Thor’s Hammer is surely one of the most important Viking symbols. Viking warriors used to wear Thor’s Hammer as an amulet during battle to provide protection. This tradition was carried on even after many Vikings converted to Christianity. 


Lava stone is the most likely the oldest stone in the world. Literally coming from the core of the earth. Used for centuries for healing, i.e. calming the emotions, stabilizing, and grounding. In some cultures, it was given to soldiers to help them be calm.



  • Please Note

    Lava beads come from volcanic lava. Due to the naturality, the lava beads may have tiny flaws.


Cutting and electroplating also makes every bead unique, varying in color and size.

    The product you receive may look slightly different for these reasons.

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