"Scalar Energy" Small Lava Pendant & Small Black Lava Bead Necklace #2


"Scalar Energy" Lava Pendant & Medium Black Lava Bead & Metal Bead Accent Necklace


"Scalar Energy" pendant: Enhances the body bio field and restores energy and balance in the body, helps to maintain health and well being.


Black lava stone: Known for its neutralizing effects, grounding stone, calming and dissipates anger. It can be used with essential oils to diffuse scents.

  • Please Note

    Lava beads come from volcanic lava. Due to the naturality, the lava beads may have tiny flaws.

    Cutting and electroplating also makes every bead unique, varying in color and size.

    Natural metals come from the earth. Due to the naturality, the beads may have tiny flaws.

    Cutting or polishing also makes every bead unique, varying in color and size.

    Natural metals will tarnish and can be polished.

    The product you receive may look slightly different for these reasons.

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